What are we looking for?

This site was made so that you can share the letters people leave on your car. If you feel like sharing your letters send the following things to car.letters@yahoo.com;

1. The picture of the letter

2. The state your car was in when the letter was put on it

3. Your first name (or anonymous if it makes you feel better) 

4. OPTIONAL; Back story (example: My car is falling to pieces and doesn’t have any hubcaps so that is probably why someone left this note on it!)

Please keep in mind that we are trying to keep this site fun for all ages. If it is overly profane or inappropriate it will not be published. If there is one or two cuss words in the letter feel free to send it to the car.letters@yahoo.com email and keep in mind that minor editing will be done to make the post appropriate (we’ll blank out the cuss words). Also, I promise that you will not be spammed by us. In fact, we will only email if you ask for confirmation that we received the photo of your car letter. Have fun! Thank you!

Car Letters